Master’s in Public Health and Master’s in Social Work Coordinated Degree Program

The coordinated master’s in public health and master’s in social work degree program provides students with advanced, interdisciplinary education in public health and social work. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills to address the effects of social, economic, and health disparities on the well-being of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

The public health lens of prevention at the population level and the social work lens of intervention at all levels of society are integrated through coursework and field work, including an integrated public health/social work field experience. Students will be able to apply critical thinking and collaboration skills using a systems-based framework with a social justice focus in a range of public, private, and non-profit settings.

Students in the coordinated MPH-MSW degree program complete public health and social work courses at the same time. They will choose one of two public health concentrations, Community and Behavioral Health Promotion or Public Health Policy, as well as a population to emphasize in their social work courses. The curriculum is available in the UWM Academic Catalog 2022-23.

Applications for Fall 2023 will be accepted starting October 1, 2022.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements
    • Students will be admitted to the MPH-MSW program in the fall semester only.
    • Coordinated degree program students must be enrolled full-time and will complete the program in an average of three years.
    • The total credits for the coordinated program will be completed in both programs at the same time, rather than one program after the other.
    • The coordinated program includes 48-49 credits in Public Health and for students with a BSW, 34 credits in Social Work.
    • For students without a BSW or otherwise needing the Social Work foundation coursework, the coordinated program will require the completion of 48-49 credits in Public Health and a total of 56 credits in Social Work.

Internship Opportunities
    • In addition to the Social Work field placement, students gain practical experience through a combined Social Work and Public Health internship.
Admission to the MPH and MSW Coordinated Degree Program
  • Required application materials:
      3 letters of recommendation
      Narrative statement
Applying to the MPH and MSW Coordinated Degree Program
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