Help UWM define what learning-by-doing looks like in our community. Our off-campus partners play an essential role in shaping the next generation of thinkers and leaders.

Are you a local corporation, nonprofit or government entity that would like to partner with UWM to engage students in practicums, internships, service learning or other forms of experiential learning? Join us.

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Powerful Partnerships

Partners involved with experiential learning have the power to help shape connections in the community for decades. Through meaningful work, students learn how to connect with professionals in their fields. And they’ll carry that knowledge into the future.

Local businesses, nonprofits and government entities can offer students hands-on experiences in professional environments. Here are just a few options for learning outside the classroom:

Students participating in hydrogeologic fieldwork
1,384businesses hosting
UWM interns

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of offering experiential learning opportunities to UWM students?

Companies, nonprofits and government agencies that offer experiential learning opportunities to UWM students can create a meaningful and diverse talent pipeline into their organizations. They can have a significant impact on young talent in southeastern Wisconsin. Also, providing experiential learning through your organization or company is a pathway to deeper partnerships with institutions of higher education.

How can partners recruit students to experiential learning opportunities?

If you are interested in setting up a partnership to host interns, service-learning students or students engaged in other forms of experiential learning through UWM, please contact Laurie Marks at We can meet to discuss what a partnership would look like and the best format for your organization or company.

What are UWM’s expectations of experiential learning off-campus partners?

UWM expects off-campus experiential learning partners to ensure that students have the opportunity to expand their skill set and professional networks, while also providing them a safe and nurturing environment so they’ll thrive.