CBORD’s Foodservice Suite (FSS) is an all-encompassing food service system that manages everything a business needs to run properly. FSS allows for recipe entry, inventory control and tracking, menu planning, order purchasing, food costing nutrition screening and assessment, room service setup and more. It is used by a variety of departments on campus because of its versatile abilities and features.


Support for Foodservice Suite (FSS) is provided by Student Affairs Technology Services staff.


  • Automated Food Purchasing
  • Food Production Management
  • Food Inventory Management
  • Food Distribution
  • Menu and Item Costing
  • Recipe Management
  • Nutrition Calculation

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Designed for

Retail Services staff


Uses LDAP (The common use of LDAP is to provide a central place for authentication) through Windows credentials

Data Security

May not be used to collect or show moderate or high risk data per UW System policy 1031.A Information Security: Data Classification


Free of charge