Trevor Hintz

Trevor Hintz


Trevor is a senior Design and Visual Communication major at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His real-life experiences fuel his passion for design. His past work experience includes a managerial position at Noodles and Company and a design internship at Kohl’s Design It Lab in Discovery World. These leadership roles gave him a skill set that he carries into his design.

While working at Kohl’s Design It lab in Discovery World, Trevor worked through design problems in each project created by children visiting the museum. Working in a creative environment and helping children experience design is something he hopes to carry over into his professional life.

Trevor is from a small town in the middle of Wisconsin’s Dairyland. He is an aspiring designer with a passion for sports having played baseball for eight years. Being competitive is part of his identity and assists his drive to succeed.


My manifesto revolves around the concept of happiness and family. Within this snow globe, is a visual representation of my journey thus far. Each artifact represents by journey from the country side to the city and what I visualize my future to look like.