Tanner Van Dera

Tanner Van Dera



My name is Tanner Van Dera (van-der-ay) and I’m a creative and design entrepreneur based out of Milwaukee-Wisconsin. I’m a senior in UWM’s Design & Visual Communication program, with intent to graduate in May.

My work focuses primarily within the realms of user-interface and user-experience design, though I also have experience in branding, creative direction and social media. Currently in design, I strive to create beautiful digital experiences which elevate brands, engage audiences and simplify the web.

My biggest, hairiest goal is to redefine what it means to be a creative entrepreneur in the 21st century and inspire others in the creative community to look beyond themselves, build something larger-than-life, and help design a world that is more intuitive, more inter-connected, and more human.


As a life-long digital nomad and a setup-enthusiast, I believe heavily in the workspace to transform a designer’s work-ethic, creative process and inspiration. My workspace is one of my biggest assets; something I invest lots of money in as I spend most of my working day within it.

In my manifesto, ‘The Creative Workspace’, I walk through 4 tactics that have helped me build out the creative environment of my dreams.