Peter Whelpley

Peter Whelpley


Peter Whelpley is a Designer & Web Developer studying at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, with a BFA in Design & Visual Communication and a BSE Minor in Computer Science. His passion lies in the tiny details, and he is pursuing his dream of being a Web Designer full-time to take advantage of the infinite “little things” that come together to create websites and beautiful digital experiences.

He currently works at Propeller in downtown Milwaukee as a designer and lead web developer. This past summer he coordinated and built the newly updated company website. Day to day tasks largely includes rapid turnaround business-to-business digital and print collateral, pitch decks, presentations, and large format trade show and expo graphics. Peter works hard to keep clients happy, billable hours down, and quality top-notch.

Peter loves educating himself about any and all things, but more recently it’s astrophysics and sorting algorithms. Like his educational cravings his music, extra-curricular interests, and tastes are constantly changing because there’s too much to do and learn for one person to experience.


My manifesto takes on the form of a fun, light-hearted film that represents and highlights the small things that we as designers go through and experience. My goal was not to define designers in a dictionary style, but more of what myself and those close to me have experienced in our careers as designers. I wanted the video to be funny, enjoyable, and sort of snarky because that’s who I am as a person.