Nicole Lorscheter

Nicole Lorscheter


“Time for the charm bomb to explode”. Nicole is a motivated individual who is determined to learn all she can in order to help others. She is reliable, a phenomenal communication and has the ability to work as a leader or contributor. People know Nicole as the girl who hustles so she can relax and watch the Office or Bob’s Burgers later and the one is up before the sun so she can go to spin class.

Currently, she is a Graphic Design intern at an insurance technology company, where she creates marketing materials for insurance brokers. There she illustrates, creates and re-designs templates, and explores different ways of designing for an array of audiences. The most rewarding feeling is seeing all of the hard work live for brokers to use.

Nicole’s career goal would be to work in UI/UX specifically in Research, package design, or her dream job, being a Graphic Designer for Disney. “Anything is possible if you just believe”.


From a young age, Nicole always wanted to be a fashion designer until the day she found out sewing was not her thing and was unaware of other possibilities within fashion. Her manifesto displays her dream of working in the fashion industry through creating her own fashion studio where you can see what inspires her and her true passions.

Within the studio there is a clothing rack of hand-dyed t-shirts with one word embroidered on each of them. Each word is a part of her manifesto and all of the words together create the collection. The shirts not only show Nicole’s love for fashion, but the fibers classes she has taken while at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Fashion is a way to express yourself and these t-shirts not only express Nicole but can relate to other people’s values and motivations as well. The t-shirts are named TRU-T’s because she believes that everyone should stay true to who they are and not care about what others think of them.