Nicole Henricks

Nicole Henricks


Nicole Henricks is a driven designer currently in her senior year at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, pursuing a BFA in Design and Visual Communication. She will graduate in the Spring of 2018 and enter the design world with the skills and knowledge that she has acquired through school. Growing up, she always found joy in helping people realize their fullest potential and hopes to continue that by showing future clients the benefits of what good design can bring to a business.

In previous employment positions, Nicole has learned what it means to be an effective leader, as well as being able to implement workable solutions for coworkers and customers. She feels that organization, communication, and prioritizing of projects is critical for daily tasks to run smoothly. She always strives to be the best version of herself, and in turn, pushes her creativity to the next level. She believes that working collaboratively in a creative environment has been essential to her growth as a designer, which is why she is a member of both AIGA – Wisconsin and United Adworkers. In addition, she has consistently been on the Dean’s Honor List throughout college and has been asked to participate as a Teacher’s Assistant for early design students.

Outside of the design world, Nicole finds joy in hobbies that keep both her mind and body active. She could sit down and get lost in a 1000 piece puzzle for the day, or find herself at the tennis courts in “beast mode” — a nickname given to her by her high school tennis teammates. When time permits, she loves to travel the country and experience all the natural beauty that this world has to offer.


I have always been a firm believer in spreading happiness and positivity to those around me, and I wanted my manifesto to reflect that. “Pieces of Joy” invites the viewer to play with and solve the handcrafted puzzles to discover unique messages revealed throughout the process. These messages are mantras that I live by and ones that I want you to embrace. Hopefully, they will become part of your life too.