Michael Dodge

Michael Dodge



Currently a student in Design and Visual Communication at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Michael works as Student Design Lead at Union Marketing Services in the Student Union at UWM, servicing diverse student organizations by providing design services in signage of varying sizes around campus. His work is often found around across UWM’s campus reaching an eclectic collegiate and public audience of over 20,000 people.

Michael returned to school in 2015 after taking a hiatus from higher education to better discover his academic compass, and upon his return, begun the Design and Visual Communication . He is involved with the AIGA chapter at UWM, and looks forward to taking an advisory role in their yearly design showcase, Synergy, which is early 2018. Michael was able to study abroad in Florence, Italy over the past summer; which helped to stoke his academic passion and provided an engaging cultural immersion.

Outside of professional and academic pursuits, Michael has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, particularly history. His interests range from Classical to Modern History, with Art Historical topics such as the European Renaissance and Neoclassicism, all of which have influenced my designs. Other interests include cycling, computer gaming, shouting in vain during Game of Thrones airings, and boring his peers with excessive and trivial knowledge about the Second World War.

Michael is planning to continue his secondary education by returning for a Master’s Degree in Art History this upcoming fall, with the hopes of eventually teaching and finding a way to travel back to Italy and enjoy all of the history it has to offer!


The Human Era is a design manifesto that takes encompasses the broad scope and history of human design, highlighting the interaction between design and consciousness. This manifesto showcases the designer’s passion for art and history, and their desire to share this rich historical narrative with others.