Masouma Aldar

Masouma Aldar


Masouma Aldar is a Design and Visual Communication student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, graduating in 2018. She studied English language and literature at college in Saudi Arabia. Masouma is a lifelong learner who pursues knowledge for personal and professional growth. Her intellectual curiosity enables her to learn from and about people.

Masouma likes to design book illustrations, book covers, posters, characters and personas. She loves stories that she could tell through visual narratives, a challenge Masouma enjoys doing. It’s an opportunity for her to create unique designs out of people’s stories for everyone to experience. Her goal is to see the individuals and businesses she does work for flourish and prosper.

She likes reading obscure novels, novellas, and stories in general. For her, it’s like sifting through the sands looking for gold! Masouma never knows what she’ll end up with; however, she’s certain of one thing, their covers aren’t the best way to judge them! It’s the first chapter.


Sensible Nonsense is a card game that consists of statements and questions derived from my design manifesto. The game allows two players to explore everyday questions within a competitive but humorous context without the pressure of taking every question seriously. The manifesto is delivered through a format that reflects the randomness of everyday as well as how we react and the cascade of consequences resulting from our reactions.