Marissa Gentz

Marissa Gentz


Marissa is eager, energetic and about to enter the professional world of design. She is currently a senior pursuing a degree in Design and Visual Communications at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is always searching for a challenging activity to keep her creative gears going. Marissa found a place in the creative world when she was very young- realizing she had more fun whenever there was something art related happening. Marissa discovered her love for design in her junior year of high school when she was asked to be on the yearbook committee for the school. This opportunity changed her life’s path and ultimately lead her to design school.

Marissa is currently the Graphic Design and Social Media intern at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School in Milwaukee. This position has taught her to be a problem-solver, leader, and better communicator. She uses her leadership skills from being the former President of AIGA-UWM and a supplemental instructor for a beginning level design class. She can proudly say that she has been on the Dean’s List every semester throughout college. In life, she always looks for challenges and adventures, because she genuinely believes they help mold her into the person she is. She enjoys traveling and studied abroad for a month in Florence, Italy June 2017.


My personal manifesto is a set of values that I think of as a keepsake. For me, a tin box is used to hold past memories, important thoughts, or even random moments of joy. I grew up seeing my grandparents use tins around the house to hold these exact things. Family is very important to me, so using the tin was a way to represent that. I wanted the manifesto to be an interactive piece that would force the viewer to gently handle the pages within.
The designs on the accordion folded pages within the tin box are designed in a vintage theme to bring nostalgic feelings to the viewer. This was also a way to show that no matter how much time passes these poetic words are there to live by. I used old advertisements to represent my feelings about each stanza while also making use of old designs from our society. I really enjoy the delicate and personal touches of this manifesto.