Lyndi Frazier

Lyndi Frazier


Lyndi Frazier is currently a senior in the Design and Visual Communications program at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. While at UWM she has had a number of positions in the printing and graphics industries involving package design, large format production and mass print production.

Lyndi is currently working for Union Marketing Services at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee as a Designer. This job has taught her to be a patient and better communicator when dealing with customers and to always ask questions.

She is also a state member of the Wisconsin State Chapter of AIGA. Lyndi is constantly striving to push her creativity to the next level as well as to better her overall self as a person and designer. Because of her hard work and dedication, she has served as a classroom assistant for an introductory course in graphic design two semesters in a row, as well as consistently holding a place on the Dean’s list throughout her college career.

When not working or taking classes, Lyndi finds herself exploring the surroundings that nature has to offer. She loves to use hiking and fishing as a way to free and rejuvenate her mind. If Lyndi isn’t on the lake or hiking through the woods she is checking out new places to get the best cup of joe and a well-cooked meal.


As the daughter of an engineer and a sister of a machinist, I have been observing the building of mechanics and machinery my entire life. I am continuously inspired by the inner workings the function of things and the hands on development of objects. This is the inspiration for my manifesto.

Embarking on the Mechanics of Design is a two-component experience that includes a book and a viewfinder. The book allows you to look closely at the interworking of the designer’s mind through the use of technical drawings and a range of saturated colors. The viewfinder allows you to be captain of the mechanical experience and quickly move through each slide.