Jared Pharris

Jared Pharris



Jared Pharris is a graphic designer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Currently a senior at UWM in the Design and Visual Communications program, he specializes in branding, visual storytelling, typography, and illustration, but also has academic experience with video production, photography, and coding. He’s an information sponge, and loves researching to create and deliver highly personalized and unique solutions to each personal and unique client. Programs like Photoshop and Illustrator are his bread and butter, and his experiences working on the factory floor at the Wisconsin printing company Burton and Mayer made him well versed in the physical production and delivery aspect of design media. When he’s not making vector art, Jared can probably be found making noise with his electric guitars, or tinkering with electronics to create guitar effects pedals for his small business “Byooler Effects”.


A photo series of everyday signage and designs in Milwaukee digitally edited to tell the story of my manifesto. Signs and advertisements I see everyday have had their text replaced with my manifesto text, brining attention to graphic designs I see while I walk around the city during my average week.