Ian Tuuk

Ian Tuuk



Ian Tuuk is a fearless graphic designer out of Milwaukee; motivated to unify the community with his designs. Ian maintains clean, up-to-date designs with book and magazine layouts, posters, logos, web design, and hopes to meet more amazing designers and creatives through his experiences. Whether it is print or digital work, he loves it all. Ian is proud dog lover and aspiring designer, in that order.


Looking at my work from the past, I typically did clean, simple designs. For my manifesto I wanted to do the opposite. I was heavily influenced by the Beat Generation, a literary movement that explored the themes of inner self, the human condition, and exploration of culture. I was also influenced by the writer William S. Burroughs who explored the “cut-up method”; he would write or take a piece of literature and cut it up and rearrange it into something new. My manifesto, being a triptych, appears cut up, messy, disorganized and can be read in anyway the viewer feels.