Eric Petsch

Eric Petsch


Eric is a senior studying Design and Visual Communications at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He is always ready to learn something new and apply new knowledge to problems so they can become solutions. Currently working as a Designer and UI/UX intern at Student Affairs and IT Services to learn more about self disciplined work to further his knowledge and experience here at UWM.

Intrigued by the human experience Eric strives to understand how design and design thinking can strengthen our lives in every way possible. With a lot of thought and even more attention to detail he hopes to better the lives around him by bringing people together through design. He believes that a well designed community is a beautiful community.

Areas of interests include graphic design, user experience design, typography, motion graphics, photography, videography, and music creation


Since a young age, National Geographic and LIFE magazines have captured my attention by documenting the human experience. They prove that every person is fundamentally their own self; unique and distinct from the next but ultimately human. This manifesto provides a way for me to compile this documentation and explore my own beliefs while giving others a chance to explore their own.