Dion Robinson

Dion Robinson



Dion Robinson is a remarkable senior at the University of Wisconsin majoring in Visual & Design Communications. She was born in Jacksonville Florida, but grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin. In becoming the artist Dion is today it took a lot of failures and successes. In her younger years she was interested in creating art, computers, drawing and building with Legos. Dion’s father and mother seen her potential and supported her gift at an early age. Constantly enrolled her into art classes for the betterment of her craft, but also encourage something that she enjoyed. As time flew past, in her early high school years Dion start to have an interest for graphic design. She combined her passion for fine art and technology and began communicating designs that appeal to the public eye such as flyers, brochures, posters, logos and so much more. In Dion’s lifetime she has experienced with several mediums of art, but the medium Dion is most interested in is collage composing. She likes to look at different patterns, colors, typography and captivating pictures. Dion is inspired by the world around her through the perspective of what she sees and translate her observation into her art she creates.


My manifesto is an interactive poster entitled What You See is What You Get, alluding to the concept of revealing and concealing my personalities, passions and intellect as a designer.