Chris Jelenchick

Chris Jelenchick


Christopher Jelenchick is currently a senior specializing in design at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has an interest in web design, photography, and video editing. However, art never interested him as a kid; painting, sculpting, and weaving were not his jam. Until high school, sports were his world. It was in his sophomore year of high school though, when he took his first graphic arts class. This class introduced the world of design software, where he developed his interest in technology.

His last three years in high school he was enrolled in the AVID program, a class dedicated to helping students with school and planning their college futures. As the only future design major in the class, he took the lead in designing class projects and synthesizing ideas. His work benefitted the school through future recruitment.

Outside of design, sports are a huge part of Chris’s life. He has played soccer and baseball for fourteen and twelve years respectively; he cheers on the Green Bay Packers every Sunday, and for the Milwaukee Brewers all summer long. Although out of sports now, the teamwork skills learned through play have taught him how to accomplish things no matter the circumstances.


This personal manifesto was written to reflect on my sports-centric childhood. Although I still love sports, design has also become relevant in my life. As I take a trip down memory lane, I read a letter to myself addressing how to be successful as I embark on my design-filled journey.

Personal Manifesto DVC 2018 from Christopher Jelenchick on Vimeo.