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Major in Religious Studies

The Religious Studies Program is designed for three types of students:

  1. Those who are pursuing advanced degrees in the academic study of religion or allied disciplines or sub-disciplines (e.g., history of religions, religion and literature, religion and psychology, ethics, philosophy)
  2. Those who are seeking courses on topics relating to religion to fulfill distribution requirements
  3. Those who desire exposure to the academic study of religion as a worthy component of their liberal arts education.

To all students, our major offers an excellent opportunity to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the intricate ways in which religious traditions inform human thought and behavior.

The UWM Religious Studies Program hosts lectures, conferences, symposia, and periodic social gatherings for faculty members and students throughout the academic year to foster a sense of intellectual community.

Major Requirements

The religious studies major requires completion of at least 33 credits, including at least 18 in upper-division courses (numbered 300 and above) of which at least 15 must be taken in residence at UWM. In satisfying these requirements, students must select courses from at least three different curricular areas. See the Major Requirements webpage.

Major Requirements
College of Letters and Science Requirements
Religious Studies Major/Degree Requirements Prior to 2012

Minor in Religious Studies

Undergraduates interested in the academic study of religion to enhance their major are invited to apply for a minor in Religious Studies. For information about the Major or Minor, email divaleri@uwm.edu, or fill out our online Request for Information Form.

Minor Requirements