Home Assessment of Function Taxonomy (HAFT)

The HAFT is functionally oriented, quantifiable, and comprehensive home assessment and outcomes measurement tool that encompasses all aspects of an individual’s home. The initial portion of the HAFT pertains to what areas and aspects of the home should be included in the evaluation based on what the participant states exist. The initial portion is followed by a series of statements to be completed by the individual based on what problems they identify within their home related to both environmental or architectural aspects as well as functionally related problems. This portion contains main sections of the home environment that include the exterior and interior parts of the house as roots with branches to areas specific to these locations such as the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

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HAFT Taxonomy

HAFT Taxonomy




Schaaf, C. (2009). Preliminary development and validation of an occupational-based outcome measure to determine the effectiveness of home modifications. Unpublished master’s thesis, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee