Community Design Solutions (CDS)

History of CDS and R2D2 Center Involvement

Community Design Solutions logo
Community Design Solutions logo
Community Design Solutions (CDS), previously named Campus Design Solutions, was developed as one of the Milwaukee Ideas on the UW-Milwaukee campus. According to the Center for Architecture & Urban Planning Research, the goal of Community Design Solutions is to become a system-wide, multidisciplinary network of design-oriented individuals and groups who will work collaboratively with their colleagues and communities to improve and enhance the physical environment of their campuses and neighborhoods. In order to accomplish this, CDS acts as a campus and community clearinghouse to examine physical design issues raised through both official and unofficial sources and generates design alternatives to inform and enrich specific projects.

The R2D2 Center became involved with CDS through collaboration on the construction of the Milwaukee Idea Home. The expertise of the R2D2 Center in universal design and accessibility incorporated R2D2 staff as a major collaborator towards the development of the MIH. The R2D2 Center involvement also extended beyond the MIH.

Universal Access Mission

The Community Design Solutions Universal Access mission encompasses several projects at the R2D2 Center. These include the Milwaukee Idea Home, the ACCESS-ed ProjectDesign and Disability Instruction, and the Senior Home Assessment and Repair Project. Since the inception of the Milwaukee Idea Concept, the R2D2 Center with the UWM Occupational Therapy Department have been important partners in CDS activities.

CDS Annual Report

Community Design Solutions (CDS) aims to improve the quality of life in Wisconsin by designing or changing environments toward increased accessibility and refining the decision-making processes affecting the environment. CDS is involved in numerous projects including working with UWM’s R2D2 Center on the Milwaukee Idea Home, the ACCESS-ed Project, Design and Disability Instruction, and the Senior Home Assessment and Repair Project (SHARP). The CDS annual report summarizes events, accomplishments, and projects. The report provides an overview and highlights of the CDS-related projects at the R2D2 Center as well as an outline of planned activities for the upcoming year.

The annual reports are listed below: