“Black Box System (BBS)” MED-AUDIT Taxonomy

About the BBS Taxonomy

The MED-AUDIT “Black Box System (BBS)” taxonomy version uses expert mapping between several domains of accessibility to link the device to an individual’s impairment to the particular tasks required by the device. It targets the user who is less familiar with disability, universal design concepts, and medical instrumentation.

This document is laid out as a two dimensional spreadsheet. Row 8 contains the headings. Column A (L#) contains the question number, which is in outline format (I., A., 1, a, etc.). Columns B through K contain the questions. Questions that appear in column B are at the top level. Columns C through K are nested questions and their position indicates what question they are a sub-question of. Column L contains the “Definition”, which is a description, clarification, and/or instructions for the question in that row.

Download the Taxonomy

2005-06-20 BBS Taxonomy (215KB Excel)