Importing Goods

Importing goods from foreign countries (including Canada and Mexico) can present unique challenges. There are potential tariffs, inspections, import restrictions, especially with the research related equipment that UWM often purchases. Departments are warned that low dollar orders placed directly with Supplier using a Pcard or simple PO (below $5000.00) can incur significant delays if not properly managed. Small parcel shipments of a low dollar value (under $800.00) are often cleared through Customs by DHL, FedEx, or UPS. Typically, any shipment from a foreign country with a value over $800.00 requires a formal Customs Entry. Understanding which party (the seller or the buyer) is responsible for the various components of international transportation (e.g. local freight and Customs charges in the origin country, insurance, international freight charges, and freight and Customs charges on arrival in the US) is an important part of managing an international transaction. INCOTERMS define the responsible parties for each part of the shipping process.

UWM’s has a Power of Attorney with customs broker Scarborough International to assist with importing goods. Note that departments are required to pay Scarborough within 10 days of receiving their invoice. Contact the Procurement Director for more guidance on dealing with importing goods.