Food Security of America recognizes UWM Zilber School of Public Health

Food Security of America award recipients
Al Washko (St. Hyacinth Food Pantry); Anne Dressel (College of Nursing); Nancy Yarnell (Food Security for America); Steve Pollock (St. Hyacinth Food Pantry); and Young Cho (Zilber School of Public Health). (Photo credit: Derek Johnson)

The UWM Zilber School of Public Health, the College of Nursing, and St. Hyacinth food pantry in Milwaukee have been recognized with the “exemplary collaboration” award from Food Security for America. The research collaboration’s goal was to determine if an alternate food pantry model would increase participants’ food security, sense of community, and financial well-being. The Food Security Group model is set up as a cooperative food pantry model where participants also became volunteers.

Rev. Nancy Yarnell, Founder and CEO of Food Security for America, explained the following regarding this recognition: “It’s rare to see such strong, meaningful, ongoing collaboration among academics and community partners. We felt it was important to recognize this critical work and collaboration.”