‘Dear Pandemic:’ Local researchers commit to COVID-19 facts

Amanda Simanek

By Kasey Chronis
Fox 6 News
January 7, 2021Ama

MILWAUKEE – Thrown into the deep end of the COVID-19 pandemic, at one time or another, many of us have found ourselves drowning in complicated information. One group of female experts has set out to change that — transforming the way we seek and share facts.

“The World Health Organization has deemed parallel to the pandemic, something happening called an ‘info-demic,’” said Dr. Amanda Simanek, UWM Associate Professor of Epidemiology.

In the uncharted world of COVID-19, we’ve sought out heroes in hospitals, in classrooms, even at grocery stores. But who is helping us navigate the murky waters of complicated, and at times, overwhelming information?

“I think we joke that within our own networks, we’re sort of the nerdy girls next door that people trust,” said Simanek.

In March, Simanek, an associate professor at UWM’s Zilber School of Public Health, found herself fielding questions…

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