Studying the Effects of Exercise

The Physical Activity and Health Research Laboratory examines glucose and metabolic regulation, obesity, physical activity promotional strategies, mediators and moderators of physical activity behavior, and methodological improvements in assessing physical activity and obesity.

Our laboratory’s integrated approach to scientific study covers multiple populations, including older adults, healthy adults and diseased adults, all from diverse social cultural backgrounds. The laboratory has strong ties to community organizations, offering an ability to conduct both laboratory and community based research.

Our Mission & Lab Goals

  • Identify determinants of changes in health induced by exercise, physical activity and inactivity
  • Identify mediators of physical activity and inactivity behavior
  • Develop approaches to increase physical activity and exercise behavior and decrease inactivity in the treatment and prevention of disease
  • Promote healthy aging and physical activity and exercise adoption
  • Disseminate information regarding the impact of exercise, physical activity and inactivity on human health
  • Educate and train future scholars