Language, Literature, and Translation

Andrea lives in Portland, Oregon, where she’s working on her master’s degree in language, literature and translation at UWM.

Her concentration is on translating German to English, and she hopes to finish her degree by spring 2019.

“I live in a city that does not offer a German to English translation degree, and did not wish to relocate,” she says. As the mother of a young child, the online format offered the flexibility to complete her coursework around caring for her family and other responsibilities.

Like many students in similar situations, Andrea manages a careful balancing act. “It can be a challenge to stay on top of the coursework while parenting a young child,” she says. She tries to do most of her studies while her daughter is in preschool.

“Occasionally, I need a weekend to catch up,” she says, “so I’ll disappear to a coffee shop on a Saturday while my husband takes over.”

Andrea was familiar with the UWM campus, having taught linguistics here in 2010. Because she already had a doctorate in German, she specifically wanted to improve her translation skills.

“UWM’s program was recommended to me by a few professional translators I spoke to as the best program they were aware of for providing solid professional training for the translation degree.”

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