University Counseling Services

UCS is open and providing telehealth (phone and video) based counseling, Let’s Talk consultations, case management, and psychiatry services. In-person services remain unavailable at this time.

  • Services are available to eligible UWM students following an initial 30-minute phone appointment. Schedule an initial appointment or request additional information by calling UCS at (414) 229-4133.
  • UCS is providing phone crisis consultations during business hours. This service can be reached by calling our main number (414) 229-4133. For after-hours crisis assistance please use these resources.
  • Please check out our new UCS Videos page. This page will be updated routinely with virtual content connected to the most commonly identified concerns and topics of UWM students.

For all potential and ongoing UCS clients, please make sure to login to your Medicat patient portal to learn more about our telehealth procedures and to complete the UCS Telehealth Informed Consent which is required for our telehealth services.

UCS is actively working on resuming forms of group counseling for the summer and fall 2020 semesters. Please check back for changes and updates on these services!

Individual Counseling

  • UCS provides short term individual counseling to eligible UWM students. Counseling provides an opportunity to explore and learn about yourself within a confidential, professional relationship and can include:
    • Discussion of life stressors
    • Learning stress management, distress tolerance, and general coping techniques
    • Learning more about the interplay of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
    • Working through particularly challenging memories or experiences
    • Identifying aspects of your life you want to change
    • Better understanding yourself and/or others
  • Typical clinical concerns include: stress (including COVID-19 related), worry, nervousness, anxiety, depression and other mood problems, worry, loneliness, anxiety, guilt, anger, shame, frustration, self-esteem issues, identity concerns, alcohol and drug abuse, eating disorders, sexual assault or physical abuse, and relationship and other interpersonal problems.

Relationship Counseling

  • Relationship counseling for UWM students is appropriate for partners at any stage in their relationship. Both individuals must be eligible UWM students.
  • Concerns often addressed in relationship counseling include: conflict resolution, communication skills, pre-commitment counseling, and exploration of values and/or cultural differences.

Psychiatry – Click here for additional information on UCS Psychiatry Services.

Crisis and Consultation
If you are in crisis, unable to function or fearful for personal safety, crisis intervention is available without an appointment. Please call 414-229-4133 to set up a phone crisis consultation.

  • Crisis services are available between 8am to 4:45pm Monday – Friday.
  • For after hours-crisis assistance please use these resources.

UCS staff offer various mental health outreach activities. These are generally scheduled during the first half of each semester and offered as clinical time permits. Requests can be made using the form found here: Outreach Requests

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ’s or call 414-229-4133 for more information about UCS services.