Activities and Services

The Collaboratory supports a variety of activities and services to promote innovation in the area of fast-acquisition-speed, spectrally resolved two-photon fluorescence microscopy (SR-TPM), and identification of biomarkers and labeled antibodies for use in research, diagnostics, and drug screening applications. These activities include:

Innovation Symposia

This symposium provides an opportunity for Corporate Members and Researchers of the Collaboratory to interact, present results, share ideas, discuss future research directions, particularly in the area of detection of transient interactions between proteins in vivo, and developing living-cell assays for cell signaling pathways to be used for drug screening.

Hands-on Workshops

A hands-on workshop is offered immediately following symposia in which participants learn how to use the Optical Micro-Spectroscopy System (OptiMiS™; which is the commercial version of the UWM SR-TPM technology) in FRET-based imaging of living cells and learn how to analyze the data.

Pilot Test Platform

The Collaboratory makes available a testing platform for pilot research projects, validation of new techniques, testing of prototype equipment, etc. Equipment that makes up the pilot test platform is located in Dr. Raicu’s laboratory and includes the following:

  • Optical bench space
  • Lasers and diagnostic equipment for optical research
  • Various optical devices and components including microscope, detectors, etc.

Depending on the scope of the activity, these resources may be offered at no cost, through outreach services agreement(s) or through user fees.

Research Collaboration

Under the umbrella of the Collaboratory, participating PI’s at UWM may conduct sponsored research projects with the support of corporate sponsors and/or support from federal and other funding agencies.

Optical Micro-Spectroscopy Imaging Facility

The Collaboratory provides researchers with access to an Optical Micro-Spectroscopy imaging facility. The facility, located in the UWM Physics Building, Room B42, has been developed by the laboratory of Dr. Raicu with support from the NSF Major Research Instrumentation Program and a generous gift from AST LLC of an OptiMiS™ module. Differential fees have been established for various users, with those charged to businesses being at such a level that the Collaboratory does not compete with industrial laboratories.

Please navigate to the Facility tab to learn about the equipment available and the reservation and billing policies and procedures.


The Collaboratory offers training to researchers and technicians on equipment that makes up the pilot test platform as well as the user facilities operated by the Collaboratory. Training is offered through service agreements.

Measurements Services

Companies may contract with the Collaboratory to perform measurements and data analysis on company samples.