Exhibit: Mapping Patagonia

This exhibit, drawn from AGSL collections, brings together over 40 historical maps, atlases, and books containing maps and imagery of Patagonia and countries in South American as a supplement to the recent “Maps & America”: Arthur Holzheimer Lecture, “Mapping Difference… Read More

Exhibit: Celebrating Diverse Children’s Literature

In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Children’s Learning Center, we are highlighting children’s stories on friendship, inclusion, and empathy. The titles chosen for the exhibit are drawn from our new digital reading list — The International Children’s and… Read More

Exhibit: Culture in the Craft

Craft, like art, can embody the maker’s feelings or beliefs and reflect aspects of the society from which it originates, functioning as a form of global communication. Until recently, the words “craft” and “trade” were interchangeable, referring to expert work… Read More

Exhibit: AIDS Awareness in Wisconsin

To coincide with World AIDS Day (December 1), the Archives exhibit case in the Golda Meir Library currently has a display on the history of HIV/AIDS awareness in Wisconsin during the AIDS epidemic. The exhibit features posters, photos, flyers, brochures,… Read More