Past Lectures

YearLecture TitlePresenter(s)Affiliation
2023Out of Sight: The Black Middle Class in MilwaukeeErmitte Saint Jacques and Robert SmithUWM Department of African and African Diaspora Studies, Marquette University Department of History
2022The Comforts of Heritage: Race, Tourism, and Memory in the American SouthShevaun WatsonUWM Department of English
2021Mapping Racism and Resistance in Milwaukee County: Struggles Over Racism and Real Estate in the Urban NorthAnne Bonds, Derek Handley, Reggie Jackson, Lawrence Hoffman
UWM Department of Geography; UWM Department of English; Nurturing Diversity Partners, LLC; Groundwork Milwaukee
2020Separate & Not Equal: Racism and Health Equity in MilwaukeeLynne Woerhle, Darryl Davidson, Julie Ellis, Sandra Millon-Underwood, Lucy Mkandawire-Valhmu, Paru Shah, Jeylan Turkoglu, Renee Walker, Nicole Brookshire, Marques Hogans Sr.College of Nursing; City of Milwaukee Community Engagement Achievement Collaborative; College of Nursing; College of Nursing; College of Nursing; College of Letters and Science Political Science; College of Nursing; Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health; Brookshire Customized Solutions, LLC.; Milwaukee County Office on
African American Affairs
2019No Justice: Public Policies that Create a Low-Wage Workforce and Demonize the PoorGwen MooreU.S. Congresswoman
2018When Visions of Justice Collide: The Kinnickinnic River Box Tunnel Controversy, 1929-1932Ryan HolifieldUWM Department of Geography
2017Afro-Brazilian YouTubers & Digital Social Justice ActivismGladys L. Mitchell-WalthourUWM Department of Africology
2016Transforming Justice: Youth-led Analysis of Mass Criminalization in MilwaukeeAnne Bonds, Lorraine Halinka Malcoe, Jenna M. Loyd, Jenny Plevin, and Robert SmithUWM Department of Geography; UWM Zilber School of Public Health; UWM Zilber School of Public Health; doc|UWM; and UWM Department of History
2015Social Justice Activism among Muslims in MilwaukeeCaroline Seymour-Jorn, Anna Mansson McGinty, and Kristin M. SziartoUWM Department of French, Italian, and Comparative Literature; UWM Department of Geography; UWM Women’s and Gender Studies Program
2014Preparing for the Great Incarceration: The Criminalization of African American Youth, 1940-1970Joe AustinUWM Department of History
2013Access to Justice: How Lawyers Matter in Civil Proceedings for Low-Income LitigantsDavid J. Pate, Jr.UWM Department of Social Work
2012Ni de aqui ni de alla: Forging Identity in Milwaukee’s Latino Immigrant CommunityRaoul DealUWM Department of Art and Design
2011To Mitigate the Harshness: Transnational Legal Efforts in the Fight Against ApartheidRobert S. SmithUWM Department of History
2010Charlotte Partridge and the Layton School: Art and the Practice of Social EngagementArijit SenUWM Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
2009Wisconsin’s Progressive Tradition and a Century of ReformRuss FeingoldU.S. Senator
2008Red Networks Women Writers and the Broadcast BlacklistCarol StabileUWM Department of English and the Center for the Study of Women in Society University of Oregon
2007Three Strikes: Female, Substance-Using, and in JailAudrey Begun and Susan RoseUWM Department of Social Work
2006Illegal Minds: Denizenship and the Access of Undocumented Students to Public Higher EducationRachel Ida BuffUWM Department of History
2005Starving for Revolution: The Milwaukee Black Panther Party’s Struggle to Feed the HungryNik HeynenUWM Department of Geography
2004Socialism in the City: The Original “Milwaukee Idea”Jasmine Alinder and Aims McGuinnessUWM Department of History
2003The City Upon The Hill… In the Dale, and On the Belt: From the Three Greenbelt Towns, Lessons for Today’s Community BuildersSherry AhrentzenUWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning
2002FDR’s Forgotten Experiment: Communicating about the New DealMordecai LeeUWM School of Continuing Education
2001Social Justice in a Global EnvironmentMarkos J. MamalakisUWM Department of Economics
2000The Fairer Sex in the Ivory Tower: Factors Influencing Social Justice for Women in Academia: The Results of a National SurveyRhea SteinpreisUWM Department of Psychology
1999The CORE of James Farmer: Humanist, Freedom WarriorDetine L. BowersUWM Department of Communication
1998Dorothy Enderis: The Lady of the Lighted SchoolhouseFran Coffey StanatUWM Department of Human Kinetics
1997Replacing Welfare with Work in the WPA: The Handicraft Project that Made Milwaukee FamousLois M. QuinnUWM Employment & Training Institute
1996The American Indian and Social Justice — A Moderated Panel DiscussionDiane Amor (Moderator), Fred Muscavitch, Jacqueline Schellinger, Don Green
1995Forward Women: Winning the Wisconsin Campaign for the Country’s First Equal Rights Ammendment, 1921Genevieve G. McBrideUWM Department of Mass Communication
1994The Political Legacy of Golda MeirAbba EbanFormer Israel Ambasador to the United States
1993Under Fire: African American Women FirefightersJanice D. YoderUWM Department of Psychology
1992Democracy in the American Workplace: The 1930s and 1980sRobert DragoUWM Department of Economics
1991Crisis Papers: Southern Editorial Leaders in the Civil Rights StruggleStephen ZeiglerUWM Department of Mass Communications
1990A Decent Provision for the Poor is the True Test of Civilization: The Poorhouse in Wisconsin, 1848-1893Nancy HubbardUWM Department of Architecture
1989Toward a Better Beer Hall: Social Democracy from Berlin to MilwaukeeGareth A. ShellmanUWM Institute of World Affairs
1988Spinning Gold into Straw: The Growth of Pedagogic Studies and the Decline of Urban SchoolsMartin HabermanUWM Department of Curriculum and Instruction
1987Shopping in the Machine Age: Chain Stores, Consumerism, and the Politics of Business Reform, 1920-1939Terry G. RadtkeUWM Department of History
1986The Jewish Issue in American-Russian Commercial Relations 1911 and 1974Ann E. HealyUWM Department of History
1985The Hidden Curricula: Prejudice and Suppression Perpetuated Through Children’s Toys Commercially Distributed in the United States Between 1865 and 1940Rolf HickmanUWM School of Fine Arts
1984A Confusion of Voices: Reform Movements and the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893Frank A. CassellUWM Department of History
1983The Quest for Social Justice: The Convict Labor Issue in the Progressive State, 1850-1934John A. ConleyUWM Criminal Justice Program
1982Sabato Morais and Social Justice in Philadelphia, 1865-1897Alan D. CorreUWM Hebrew Studies Program
1981Bertrand Russell, America, and the Idea of Social JusticeRoland N. StrombergUWM Department of History
1980F.D.R., W.P.A. and Wisconsin Art of the DepressionRobert BunkertUWM School of Fine Arts
1979Utopia Comes to the Masses: Huey P. Long’s Share-Our-Wealth SocietyGlen S. JeansonneUWM Department of History
1978Books for New Citizens: Public Libraries and Americanization Programs, 1905-1925Elaine FainUWM School of Library Science
1977The Menorah Journal Group and the Origins of Modern Jewish-American RadicalismMark L. KrupnickUWM Department of English
1976Reconstruction, Reform and Romanism, 1865-1885: America as Seen by an Irish-American and His Irish M.P. CousinJanet Egleson Dunleavy and Gareth W. DunleavyUWM Department of English
1975The University and the Social Gospel: The Intellectual Origins of the Wisconsin IdeaJ. David Hoeveler, Jr.UWM Department of History
1974Progressives, Socialists, and the Milwaukee PolesDonald PienkosUWM Department of Political Science
1973Sentencing the Unpatriotic: Federal Trial Judges in Wisconsin During Four WarsBeverly Blair CookUWM Department of Political Science
1972"Tell Them We are Rising." The Afro-American Idea of Progress, 1895-1915Walter B. WeareUWM Department of History
1971Consumer Mass Politics: A New Look at “Old Bob” La FolletteDavid ThelenUniversity of Missouri, Columbia
1970The Historic Role of Constitutional Liberalism in the Quest for Social JusticeWayne Morse