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** SUMMER Hours

Monday                8:00am – 5:45pm
Tuesday               8:00am – 5:45pm
Wednesday         8:00am – 5:45pm
Thursday             8:00am – 5:45pm
Friday                  8:00am – 4:45pm

Saturday                 CLOSED
Sunday              12noon – 3:45pm

  Media and Reserve Services is located in the lower level of the west wing of the library. Media and Reserve Services provides access to:


SPACES (2 Hour Use)

    • RECORDING BOOTH  – A small sound reduced booth with a table and chair for recording video, skyping an interview, or recording a voiceover.
    • MEDIA VIEWING ROOM- Contains a Green Screen, large screen TV, Video equipment including: DVD/Blu-Ray/International DVD players, VHS player and Audio equipment including: Record Player, CD Player, and Cassette Player..  There is a green screen in the Media Viewing Room that can be used as a background during a video recording.  The green screen can be replaced during the editing process in iMovie with any kind of background. Green Screen iMovie Handout
    • DISTRACTION FREE ROOM – (WB48) –  Multi-use small room – has a tabletop USB microphone and sound screen.  Available on a walk-in or reservation basis via phone at 414-229-4673 or the online form.


                  • TYPEWRITER – Available in the last open study carrel along the wall behind the DVDs in the Media and Reserve Services study area.
                  • SCANNER – A large flatbed scanner is available to scan or print to WEPA. Flatbed Scanning Instructions


                        DIGITAL RESOURCES 

Requesting articles or book chapters via Interlibrary Loan –

Article Databases –

E-book Databases

Streaming Videos –

Open Educational Resources (OER) Textbooks –

Language LearningLanguage Resource Center –

Free software for students –

Skeleton – Anatomy 3D Atlas – Download for Free

Chemistry 3D Models

Graphing Calculator online

Audio Recorder Software (free) –

Webcam using an iPhone –

Webcam using an Android Phone-

Digital Whiteboard (also available as an app) –


UWM Knowledgebase  – creating streaming DVD clips – searchable index of campus information.

iMovie (MAC/iPhone): One of the simplest programs available for basic editing. iMovie is great for someone just learning the basics of editing, allowing for some special effects and transitions.  iMovie Handout

Adobe Premiere (Windows/MAC/iPhone): This program is quickly becoming the most popular in the industry. It’s simple for beginners, but has hundreds of specialties for an advanced editor to master. Premiere is often used to complete professional films and commercials, as well as basic school projects or compilations. Premiere has a fantastic titling tool, allowing the editor to quickly, efficiently, and creatively add titles to their project. Premiere does not allow for multiple editors to work on the same project, or create some of the cutting edge effects.Adobe Premier Instructions

Adobe After Effects (Windows/Mac) This program is huge. It allows for so much creative control, but it is extremely unforgiving and difficult for beginners. After Effects is best used for special effects rather than actually editing a video, as most editors will make the effect here, then export it into a separate Premiere timeline. Adobe After Effects Instructions

Other Editing Instructional Handouts: Windows Moviemaker, Handbrake


Recording audio voice-over for a PowerPoint Slideshow: You can add narrations and timings to a PowerPoint slide show with a headset microphone. Audio for PowerPoint Slideshow handout.

Recording audio voice-over for a Keynote Slideshow on a Mac.  Instructions for Keynote Software to create Presentations with Audio Video


Audacity Manual – Audacity is a free, easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems.


Video tutorials available through LinkedIn Learning include:

Adobe Photoshop
Final Cut Pro
Premiere Pro
Windows Movie Maker

Audio tutorials available through LinkedIn Learning include:


Go to for logging into the service.



Equipment circulates for 7 days (No Renewals/some equipment may circulate for 2 days)

DVDs/CDs/Audiobooks/Blu-Rays/Games/Videotapes circulate for 2 weeks

Reserve items vary depending how they were put on Reserve: 2-hour, 2-day or 7-day.

FINES AND FEES – can be paid online

If you need to know the balance owed, view My Account.

Pay fines online. Select “Fine”  to complete your payment. The system accepts all major credit cards.


Laptops, Digital Cameras, Audio Recorders, Projector Kit,
Drawing Tablets, 3D Tablet Pen, Tripods, Webcams,
External Hard drives, Microphone Kits, External CD/DVD Drives, Slide Projectors, CD/Cassette Players

$5 per hour

Cables, Adapters, SD card readers, Surge protectors,
Smartphone accessories, Windscreens, Computer Mice,
Headphones, Earmuffs, Calculators

$1 per hour




2-hour Reserve items





$1 per hour


2-day and 7-day Reserve items


$3 per day




Contact Media and Reserve Services:

Hours of Operation linkMedia and Reserve Services circulation counter closes 15 minutes before the floor closes.