About the Digital Humanities Lab


The UWM Libraries Digital Humanities Lab, launched in Fall 2013 as a collaborative effort between the UWM Libraries, the Center for Instructional and Professional Development (CIPD) and the College of Letters and Science, is an interdisciplinary, collaborative space aimed at bringing together faculty, academic staff, and advanced graduate students from across campus to explore the digital humanities, investigate ideas for new projects, and contribute to ongoing projects.  It is also an experimental space – in our first year, we learned by doing, and we continue to apply those lessons to the structure and mission of the Lab.

The DH Lab provides a space to share technical skills, gain access to appropriate equipment and software, and to discover interdisciplinary, collaborative opportunities for researchers at all levels of expertise and interest in the field, through workshops, speaker series, and informal get-togethers. Everyone is invited to participate, either by attending talks and workshops, proposing programming and projects, or just chatting with Lab staff, faculty, and graduate students about your work and ours.

Please feel free to contact Ann Hanlon (hanlon@uwm.edu) to discuss related projects or ideas.