L&S Admin Org Chart

College of Letters and Science

Dean, Scott Gronert

  • Senior Associate Dean, Dave Clark
  • Dean's Assistant, Ann Dredge
  • Summer & UWinteriM, Lex Renda
  • Special Assistant to the Dean for Curriculum, Kristin Sziarto


Associate Dean, Margaret Noodin

Natural Sciences

Associate Dean, Daad Saffarini

Social Sciences

Associate Dean, James Moyer

Curriculum and Governance

Assistant Dean, Mike Darnell

  • Schedule of Classes/Budget Analysis Assistant, Waylon Smith

Administrative Affairs and Personnel

Assistant Dean, Craig Wesley

  • Sr. Administrative Program Specialist, Tanya Skrivseth

Student Academic Services

Assistant Dean, Cindy Piercy

  • Andy Cuneo
  • Jennifer Deroche
  • Lori Fitzenberger
  • Lenore Fuller
  • Jennifer Hack
  • Kimberly Hanan
  • Jim Klingbiel
  • Mark Krell
  • Kristin Latham
  • Ian McLaughlin
  • Deona Mickens
  • Dana Northrup
  • Elise Oberheu
  • Ines Petterson
  • Chris Roland
  • Cheryl Scherkenbach
  • Laura Stark
  • Dorrie Van Kerkvoorde
  • Gwyn Wallander
  • Anne Willis

Web and Data

Interim Director, Daniel Siercks

Web and Application Development

  • Danny Harvey
  • Karl Holten
  • Jeremy Streich
  • Cheryl Totty

Academic Facilities Management and Media Services

  • John Bartelt

Data Reporting

  • Gayathri Devi Sundararajan

Instructional Technology Support

  • Kathy Pinkowsky

Budget, Grants and Contracts

Assistant Dean, Tim Miles

  • Financial Specialist, Sarah Kissinger
  • Salary and Budget Administrator, Caterina Sukup

College Relations

Assistant Dean, Deanna Alba

  • Scholarship Coordinator, Emily Dineen
  • Admissions Counselor and Recruiter, Vacant Position

L&S Development

Director of Major and Planned Giving, Christina Makal McCaffery

  • Assistant Development Director for Letters & Science, Leslie Horn