Films in French at the UWM Union Cinema

UWM Festival of Films in French is co-sponsoring several films in French at the UWM Union Cinema in the month of March. All the films are free and open to the public at the UWM Union Cinema, 2200 E. Kenwood Blvd., (2nd floor). All films are in French or in other languages, with subtitles in English. The list of movies is down below for your reference.

  1. Pacifiction (2022), dir. Albert Serra , Friday, March 3 6pm  
  2. Pacifiction (2022), dir. Albert Serra , Saturday, March 4 at 5pm  
  3. Short Films by Marguerite Duras, Tuesday, March 7 at 7pm  
  4. India Song (1975), Marguerite Duras, Wednesday, March 8 at 7pm  
  5. Le Navire Night (1979), Marguerite Duras, Thursday, March 9 at 7pm  
  6. Rewind and Play (2022), Alain Gomis, Wednesday, March 29 at 7pm