Students who wish to become Italian majors may do so, once they have completed Italian 104 or equivalent, by registering with the Italian major advisor. Students must maintain at least a 2.000 GPA in all Italian courses attempted, including any transfer work.

The major in Italian may be completed in one of the following options:

  • Option A (Italian). 24 credits in Italian courses at the 300-level and above, at least 15 taken in residence at UWM. These must include Italian 311, 321, 322, and at least 9 additional credits in advanced literature courses.
  • Option B (Italian Studies). 38 credits distributed as follows: 14 credits of first- and second-year Italian language; 12 additional credits within the Italian curricular area, including 257 or 258 (others could be Italian literature-in-translation, cinema, culture and civilization, literature, or additional language courses); and 12 credits that may be taken in crosslisted courses offered by other departments or courses in the Italian curricular area. (See crosslisted courses at end of Italian courses; see also Schedule of Classes for specific semester offerings.) At least 15 of the 38 credits must be earned in courses at the 300 level and above taken in residence at UWM.

Both options of the major require that students complete a research experience. To fulfill this requirement, students must complete, with a passing grade, Italian 457, Topics in Italian Literature and Culture in Translation: (Subtitle). Students will conduct independent research related to the general theme of the course, presenting their research in a final 10- to 12-page paper.