• Britz, Johannes
    Management and information marketing; Information ethics; Information and knowledge management; Information retrieval
  • Choi, Wonchan
    Human-computer interaction; Information seeking and use; Information systems analysis, design, and evaluation; Research method
  • duPlessis, Jacques
    Instructional technologies; Multimedia product development; Global studies; Information resources management
  • Force, Donald
    Records and information management; Archives; Digital archival collections
  • Friedel, Matthew
    Mobile application development; Databases; Website design
  • Haigh, Maria
    Databases, It and Organizations, Misinformation, Disinformation, Fake News, Big Data, Society
  • Hayes, Shaun
  • Hudson, Adam
    Web design; Content management systems
  • Kipp, Margaret
    Social tagging; Data science; Semantic web; Linked data; Web 2.0; Information organisation; Metadata; Applied informetrics; Information systems and technology
  • Kozak, Nadine
    Information and communication law and policy, information and communication history, information technology and globalization.
  • Lee, Wan-Chen
    Information organization; data curation
  • Lipinski, Tomas
    Legal and government information and services; Information law and policy; Legal issues affecting libraries; Archives and educational entities
  • Mu, Xiangming
    Foundation of information science; Information retrieval and storage; Human-computer interaction; Digital libraries
  • Park, Min Sook
    Information organization, data science, system analysis & design
  • Peekhaus, Wilhelm
    Information technology ethics; Research methods; Political economy of information; Information policy; Ethics and the information society
  • Ponelis, Shana
    Information seeking and use; Systems analysis; Information marketing; Infopreneurship; Access, security and intercultural contexts in global communications
  • Sabha, Khaled
    Computer programming; Networking; Web development and security
  • Schoeller, Betsy
    Organization of information; Indexing; Management; Information resources
  • Smanz, Lyndsay
    Information literacy
  • Wolfram, Dietmar
    Informetrics & scholarly communication; Database design and management; Foundations of information science; Information retrieval concepts and theory; Information systems analysis, design and evaluation; Networked resources and services; Research methods
  • Xie, Iris
    Information retrieval; Research methods
  • Yang, Li (PhD Student)
    Knowledge Organization; Metadata; Linked Data; Semantic Relationships
  • Zhang, Jin
    Research methods, Quantitative research methods; Information retrieval; Library automation; Database management