Vang, Chia Youyee

Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion & Professor


PhD, University of Minnesota (2006)
MA, Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota (1996)
BA, Gustavus Adolphus College (1994)

Research Interests

20th century US-Asia relations, Cold War politics, Asian America history, refugee migration, transnational and diaspora communities

Teaching Areas

Cold War in Asia, Asian American history, Hmong history and culture, refugee migration, and transnational and diaspora communities

Courses Offered

Ethnic 265 - Hmong American History, Culture and Contemporary Life
Ethnic/Hist 297/497 - Exploring Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam (short-term study abroad)
Hist 287 - The Vietnam War
Hist 840 - Globalization of America-The Asian American Experience

Other Activities

Hmong Diaspora Studies Program, Director

Selected Publications

Vang, Chia Y. “Hmong Youth, American Football, and the Cultural Politics of Ethnic Sports Tournaments.” Asian American Sporting Cultures: Performing and Challenging Identities, Practice, and Space. New York University Press, (In Progress) .
Vang, Chia Y., Nibbs, Faith, and Vang, Ma, eds. Claiming Place: On the Agency of Hmong Women. University of Minnesota Press, (In Progress) .
Vang, Chia Y. “Southeast Asian Americans.” Oxford Handbook of Asian American History. Ed. Yoo, David, and Azuma, Eiichiro. Oxford University Press, (2016).
Vang, Chia Y. “'Rethinking Hmong Women's Wartime Sacrifices'.” Claiming Place: On the Agency of Hmong Women. (2016).
Vang, Chia Y. “Children of Hmong Refugees from Laos: Hmong Transnational Lives and the Politics of Negotiating Place.” Southeast Asian Migration: People on the Move in Search of Work, Marriage, and Refuge. Ed. Um, Khatharya, and Gaspar, Sofia. Sussex Academic, (2015).
Vang, Chia Y. “'A Portrait of Refugees from Burma/Myanmar and Bhutan'.” Journal of Asian American Studies 18.3 (2015).
Vang, Chia Y. Review of Transnationalizing Viet Nam: Community, Culture, and Politics in the Diaspora by Kieu-Linh Valverde. 43.5 Contemporary Sociology, 2014: 748-749.
Vang, Chia Y., and Trieu, Monica M. Invisible Newcomers: Refugees from Burma/Myanmar and Bhutan in the United States. Asian Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund, 2014.