Pease, Neal

Professor Emeritus


PhD, History, Yale, 1982
MA, History, Yale, 1976
MA, History, U. of Kansas, 1975
BA, History, U. of Kansas, 1973

Research Interests

Over the course of his career, Professor Pease has devoted most of his research and publication to the role of the Catholic Church in recent Polish history. Current areas of research interest include: the “Jewish revival” in contemporary Poland; soccer in Polish politics and society; and historical symbolism and memorialization of public spaces in Poland.

Teaching Areas

Poland and Central Europe; history of Christianity, esp. Catholic Church; modern Europe; Baseball in American history

Courses Taught

Hist 102 - Western Civilization: 1500 to the Present
Hist 239 - Poland and its Neighbors, 1795-1914
Hist 329 - The Roman Catholic Church, 1500 to the Present
Hist 330 - The Papacy in History
Hist 346 - Poland and Its Neighbors, 1914-1945
Hist 348 - Poland and Its Neighbors, 1945 to the Present
Hist 448 - Baseball in American History

Professional Service Activities

Editor in Chief, The Polish Review
Member, Board of Directors, Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences of America
Member, Board of Directors (and past president), Polish American Historical Association
Member, editorial board, Polish American Studies
Member, John Gilmary Shea book prize committee, American Catholic Historical Association

Selected Publications

Pease, Neal. “Mighty Son of Poland: Stanislaus Zbyszko, Polish Americans, and Sport in the 20th Century.” Polish American Studies 74.1 (2017): 7-26.
Pease, Neal H. “Stanley Ketchel, The ‘Michigan Assassin’: The First Polish American Sports Champion.” Studia Migracyjne-Przegląd Polonijny 40.1 (151) (2014): 119-130.
Pease, Neal H. “The Marshal and the Almighty: Pilsudski and Religion.” The Polish Review 56.1/2 (2011): 47-56.
Pease, Neal H. “The Kosciuszko Reds, 1909-1919: Kings of the Milwaukee Sandlots.” Polish American Studies 61. (2004): 11-26.
Pease, Neal H. “'This Troublesome Question': The United States and the 'Polish Pogroms' of 1918-1919.” Ideology, Politics and Diplomacy in East Central Europe. Ed. Biskupski, M. B. University of Rochester Press, (2003): 58-59.
Pease, Neal H. “Diamonds Out of the Coal Mines: Slavic Americans in Baseball.” The American Game: Baseball and Ethnicity. Ed. Baldassaro, Lawrence, and Johnson, Richard A. Southern Illinois University Press, (2002): 142-161.