Nan Kim

Associate Professor, Director of Public History
 Holton Hall 365


PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2007

Research Narrative

I work on contested historical memory, transnational public history, dissent movements, peace activism, reconciliation, critical heritage studies, and notions of temporality and subjectivity. My research engages with scholarship in memory studies, Korean Studies, contemporary history, and political anthropology, and I have recently joined two new collaborations – one in environmental humanities and another in the history of the emotions. Formally trained as a cultural anthropologist, I take an interdisciplinary approach to contemporary history and ethnographic research with an appreciation for both theoretical analysis and the power of a compelling story.

Research Interests

Transnational public history
History and memory
Modern and contemporary Korea
Cold War in Asia
Environmental and nuclear humanities
Dissent movements and peace activism
UNESCO and Critical Heritage Studies

Teaching Areas

Public History
History of emotions
The family and gender in global history
Cultural Studies, collective memory, and historical theory
Modern East Asia
Global history of the Korean War 

Courses Offered

Hist 141 – The Family and Sex Roles in the Past
Hist 176 – East Asian Civilization Since 1600: Modern East Asia
Hist 286/372 – Topics in Global History – The Korean War
Hist 399 – Honors Seminar: History of Emotions
Hist 712  – Historiography and Theory of History
Hist 840 – Colloquium in Global History

Selected Publications

Kim, Nan. Review of | ‘Korea in the 1950s and the Korean War’ | Journal of American-East Asian Relations | Guest-edited by Steven Hugh Lee and Janice Kim. H-Diplo, (In Progress) .
Kim, Nan. “Contemporary History and the Contingency of the Present.” Verge: Studies in Global Asias 5.1 Ed. Chen, Tina, and Schieder, Chelsea S. (In Progress) 108-113.
Kim, Nan. “The Color of Dissent and a Vital Politics of Fragility in South Korea.” The Journal of Asian Studies 77.4 Ed. Jeff Wasserstrom. (2018): 971-990.
Kim, Nan. Review of |Korea’s Grievous War| by Su-kyoung Hwang. 22.2 Journal of Korean Studies, 2017: 465-469.
Kim, Nan. “Democratizing Global Public History: UNESCO’s Memory of the World Programme and Transnational Mediations of Contested National Pasts.” Moving Beyond the National: New Perspectives on International and Transnational Public Histories. National Council on Public History, (2017).
Kim, Nan. “Candlelight and the Yellow Ribbon: Catalyzing Re-Democratization in South Korea.” The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus 15.5 (2017): 1-17.