Martha Carlin

  • Distinguished Professor, History


  • PhD, Medieval Studies, U. of Toronto
  • MA, Medieval Studies, U. of Toronto
  • AB, Bryn Mawr College

Teaching Schedule

Course Num Title Meets Syllabus
HIST 203-001 The History of Medieval Europe: The Early Middle Ages TR 10am-11:15am
HIST 840-001 Colloquium on Global History: Food, Culture, and Power: Role of Food in History T 4pm-6:40pm

Courses Taught

  • Undergraduate
    • Medieval history (various)
  • Graduate
    • Medieval urban history (various)
    • Role of food in global history
    • The House in Global History

Teaching Interests

  • Medieval history
    • Europe
    • Britain
    • London
    • urban
    • castles
    • daily life
  • Global history of food and eating
  • The House in Global History

Research Interests

Medieval social and economic history (especially urban, food, daily life, correspondence, shopping, inns)

Selected Publications

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Carlin, Martha. ““Gower's Life"” Historians on Gower: Society, Religion, and Politics Ed. Rigby, Stephen H., and Echard, Siân. (): Chapter Two.
Carlin, Martha. ““Why Stay at the Tabard? Public Inns and Their Amenities, c. 1400.”” Studies in the Age of Chaucer 40. (): 413-421.
Carlin, Martha. “"The Remarkable Will of David Fyvyan (d. 1451)"” Those Who Work, Those Who Fight, and Those Who Pray: Papers in Honor of Joel T. Rosenthal 33. Ed. Livingstone, Amy, and Barron, Caroline M. Medieval Prosopography/Medieval Institute Press. (2018): 137-151.
Carlin, Martha. ““Catering for Great Households: Practical Matters.”” The Medieval Great Household Ed. Woolgar, Christopher M. Donington, Lincolnshire: Harlaxton Medieval Studies. (2018): 336-354.
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Carlin, Martha. ““‘What say you to a piece of beef and mustard?’ The Evolution of Public Dining in Late Medieval and Tudor London.”” The Places and Spaces of Early Modern London 71.1 Ed. Harkness, Deborah, and Howard, Jean E. Huntington Library Quarterly. (2008): 199-217.
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