This group will lead the efforts for UW-Milwaukee to become a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), a federal designation granted to U.S. institutions of higher education that enroll at least a 25% Latinx/a/o undergraduate population, as provided for in federal statute, 20 U.S.C. §1101a(5). It is important to note that HSI is the only federal designation of its type, and that UWM’s efforts in this regard will enhance all multicultural student groups, and in turn, all of UWM.

This effort is being undertaken, among other reasons, to address the demographic trend that Hispanic students will (in the next 10 years) be the largest growing group of students who plan to attend college in the state of Wisconsin, the fact there are very few HSIs in the Midwest.

The CCHSI will coordinate and implement necessary activities, and serve as the key campus group of ownership, for making progress toward and achieving HSI status. Through this designation UWM will be eligible for funding that will provide significant benefits to all students, faculty and staff, including grant monies for activities that will support student recruitment and retention, faculty development, community outreach, and student support services. HSI designation will also benefit the Milwaukee community by educating an increasingly diverse population, producing UWM graduates who understand their local community, and providing a pipeline of employees for our region.


  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of enrollment and retention data pertaining to Latinx/a/o students at UWM. ​
  • Identify existing and new high impact practices. ​
  • Establish benchmarks and goals for each targeted area. ​
  • Make recommendations based on our findings along with strategies necessary to become a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)​
  • Monitor progress in areas of recruitment retention, development.​
  • Seek and secure community support and partnerships.

Where are we now?

How becoming a Hispanic Serving Initiative benefits UWM & our Community​

  • Enhance the experience for all multicultural student groups at UWM​
  • Increase student/faculty/staff/curricular diversity ​
  • Engage all stakeholders at an institutional level​
  • Increase opportunity for federal grant funding ​
  • Impact Milwaukee community and surrounding areas​
  • Develop a more diverse workforce for our region.

Leadership Structure

Steering Committee

Mark Mone, UWM Chancellor

Dr. Chia Vang, Vice Chancellor for Global Inclusion & Engagement

Johannes Britz, Provost and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs

Co-Operational Leads & Faculty Advisors

Alberto Maldonado, Director of Roberto Hernández Center (RHC)

Joseph Rodriguez, Faculty – History Department

Natasha Borges Sugiyama, Director of CLACS, Faculty – Letters & Science/Political Science

CCHSI Members

Carmen Aguilar-DiazFaculty – School of Freshwater Sciences  

Natasha Borges Sugiyama, Director of CLACS, Faculty – Letters and Science/CLACS

Gabriela DorantesAcademic Staff – Roberto Hernández Center 

Kay Eilers, Academic Staff – Student Success Center 

Cristina Garza, Director of Upward Bound

Dianne GraceAcademic Staff – Development  

Jonathan Hanes, Academic Staff – Assessment & Institutional Research 

Alejandra Lopez, Academic Staff – Lubar School of Business 

Monica Olague-Marchan, Academic Staff – Roberto Hernández Center

Yolanda Medina, Director of Military and Veterans Resource Center  

Joseph RodriguezFaculty – History Department

Mariana Sanabria, Academic Staff – Office of Undergraduate Admissions 

Maria Solis, Academic Staff – Financial Aid 

Marc Young, Faculty – Undergraduate Admissions

Vacant: UWM Student(s)