Latinx at UWM

Since 2012, Latinx enrollment at UWM has steadily increased. The CCHSI group has helped advance this growth by partnering with key stakeholders in the community, top feeder schools, and by creating intentional programming to attract and educate the growing Latinx community.

Progress Report

Community Recruitment
For two consecutive years (2020/21), American Family Insurance has funded the CCHSI efforts at UWM. These funds have supported targeted recruitment efforts with local high schools, Casa Abierta, printed materials and dual enrollment efforts.
Enrollment Progress
Latinx undergraduate headcount enrollment at the main campus increased by 52.5% from Fall 2012 to Fall 2021. In Fall 2021, Latinx students represented 13.9% of undergraduate full-time equivalent enrollment at the main campus. (Source: UW System IPEDS data used in OAIR model)
Between 2019-21, and through the Hispanic Student Success grant funded by Bader Philanthropies, the CCHSI group was able to award 40 retention scholarships. This grant was also able to support $20,000 for recruitment, advising and student engagement.
Support Students
Through events such as the PALM Gala, from 2019-21, the Roberto Hernandez Center Emergency Scholarships funds provided 48 students with funds to help them stay in school.
Graduation Progress
In 2019-20, 450 Latinx students graduated with a bachelor’s degree, in 2020-21, and 405 Latinx students graduated with a bachelor’s degree. (Source: UW System Degrees Dashboard)
On Jan. 22, 2022, UWM celebrated the eighth edition of the Casa Abierta Bilingual Open House. This CCHSI/OUA event serves many of the Spanish speaking families from Illinois and southeastern Wisconsin.