Online Courses

The following courses are regularly offered online:

  • Hebrew Studies 100, Introduction to Judaism
  • Hebrew Studies 101, First Semester Hebrew
  • Hebrew Studies 102, Second Semester Hebrew
  • Hebrew Studies 201, Third Semester Hebrew
  • Hebrew Studies 202, Fourth Semester Hebrew
  • Hebrew Studies 231, Introduction to the Hebrew Bible
  • Hebrew Studies 261, Representing the Holocaust in Words and Images
  • Hebrew Studies 331, Topics in Biblical Literature (a variety of courses are offered under this heading, including Genesis: Where It All Began, and Prophets & Prophecy in the Hebrew Bible)
  • Hebrew Studies 332, Women in the Bible

Hebrew Studies courses are part of the Jewish Studies major and minor and students interested in Hebrew Studies should also look at the courses offered through Jewish Studies.

Students pursuing a major or minor can also choose from courses outside of Hebrew Studies and Jewish Studies if the courses are relevant to the major. Consult the coordinator with any questions.