The UWM Graduate School organizes Professional Development seminars and discussions to help you get acquainted with the expectations associated with graduate studies, move successfully through degree milestones, understand the “big picture” of higher education and academic life, and plan for your career after your degree. Faculty and staff from units across campus contribute to this ongoing seminar series, supporting graduate student success as you envision and pursue your own future in and beyond the university. Faculty and staff from units across campus contribute to this ongoing seminar series, supporting graduate student success as you envision and pursue your own future in and beyond the university.

To meet the breadth of professional questions and needs that students have at these points in their careers, the PFFP series offers three live events each semester and makes use of an ever-expanding video archive of PFFP offerings below, which includes more than 60 videos across seven themes: Succeeding in Graduate School, Developing as a Scholar, Conducting and Communicating Research, Community and Entrepreneurial Engagement, Job Search & Careers, Becoming a Future Faculty Member, and Preparing for Careers Outside of Academia.

A complete alphabetical listing of all archived videos can be found at the bottom of this page.

Note: Students enrolled in GRAD 801 will receive academic credit for engaging with this seminar series.

Video Archives by category

Complete listing of archived PFFP videos (listed alphabetically)

Title of presentation (year produced)

Academic Entrepreneurship: Impacting Society from Inside the University (2017)

Academic Integrity: What It Is, Why Have It, How to Foster It (2017)

Advising for International Students (2021)

Anti-Racism and Graduate Student Life (2021)

Becoming a Public Intellectual in the 21st Century (2017)

Beyond the Save Function: Document Management, Review, and Version Tracking for Today’s Scholars (2017)

Building Professional Connections (2021)

Career Cartography (2023)

Careers Outside Academia: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (2019)

Careers Outside Academia: STEM (2019)

Climate and Inclusion Matters, Issues for Graduate Students (2017)

Communicating Your Work to Outside Audiences (2017)

Community Engagement (2019)

Conducting a Systematic Review (2022)

Conference Travel:  How do you do it and why is it important to your career? (2023)

Data Visualization 101-Quantitative (2018)

Data Visualization 201: Qualitative Data Visualization (2018)

Developing a Writing Habit (2018)

Dissertation Milestones (2018)

Engaging in Interdisciplinary Work (2018)

Exploring Careers Outside Academia: AHSS Part 1 (2017)

Exploring Careers Outside Academia: AHSS Part 2 (2017)

Family Life in Graduate School (2020)

Finding Your Yoda! How to Build a Meaningful Mentor Relationship with Your Advisor (2016)

Forging a path to thesis and dissertation completion:  Timelines and goals as your compass (2023)

Getting Ready for Human Subjects Research: IRB Boot Camp (2017)

Hidden Gems: Library Services and Resources (2018)

Hot Topics in Academic Publishing (2018)

Intellectual Property in University Research (2020)

Intro to Evidence Synthesis Reviews

Introduction to Peer Review (2018)

Investing in Graduate Education: Understanding Financial Concerns in Graduate School (2019)

Just Visiting: Evaluating Post-Doctoral Opportunities (2017)

Keys to Successful Grant Writing for Arts, Humanities, and Social Science Graduate Students (2019)

Leading and Participating in Collaborative & Group Writing (2023)

Managing Media for Professionalism (2018)

Navigating Conflict in Graduate School: Ombuds at UWM (2022)

Navigating Life After Coursework (2021)

Opening Doors: Mastering the Informal Interview (2017)

Plagiarism: What Every Academic Needs to Know About Detecting, Documenting and Preventing Plagiarism (2022)

Preparing Job Application Materials/The Position Search and Application Process (2018)

Pursuing a Graduate Degree (2017)

Reproducing the Academy: Graduate Research and the Future of the Wisconsin Idea (2018)

Succeeding in Graduate Seminars (2018)

Successful Interviewing Strategies, Part 1 (2016)

Successful Interviewing Strategies, Part 2 (2016)

Surviving your Dissertation (2019)

The Changing Face of Higher Education (2017)

The Diversity Statement:  Why It’s Needed and How It Can Help Distinguish You From Others (2023)

The Hidden World of Faculty (2018)

The Importance of Publishing: Publish Young Padawan! (2017)

The Ins and Outs of Shared Governance (2022)

The Life of the Assistant Professor (2018)

The State of the Academic Job Market (2018)

Trauma-Informed and Inclusive Instruction (2022)

Virtual Skills for the Long Haul (2021)

What’s the Big Deal About Academic Freedom? Issues of Academic Freedom (2016)

Women in Academia and Allies (2019)

Working Productively with Your Advisor (2021)

Writing Teaching, Research, and Diversity Statements (2019)