Dissertation Basecamp is a Graduate School-supported resource for all Dissertators. 

When you become a dissertator, you will be automatically enrolled in a Canvas course that is the Dissertation Basecamp

Within the Basecamp site are modules that provide the resources you need for the journey of your dissertation. Think of these resources as hiker boxes, where we provide supports you will need as you make your climb to degree completion.

In addition to resources and information, this Basecamp site is also your link to a community of other dissertators.  Writing a dissertation can be isolating, but this Basecamp assures that you have colleagues for the journey.

The 3-day writing Dissertation Retreats and Writing groups are also supported through this site, to provide the social connections, support, and accountability that will help you reach your writing goals. 

3-day Dissertation Writing Retreat
Offered twice annually:  January and July. Click here for details.

Writing groups
Writing groups are an opportunity to write in the company of other students.  This is an effective way to enhance your productivity and develop a habit of writing. We do this virtually using zoom rooms linked at the Basecamp site.  Access the Canvas Basecamp site to join.

The UWM Graduate School cares about your progress and wants your experience of being a dissertator to be a good one.

Join Basecamp (in Canvas) and the community of writers it supports.