Information on the Closures of the Waukesha and Washington County Campuses
Mike Pauers

Michael Pauers

  • Associate Professor, College of General Stds


BS in Biological Sciences, UW-Milwaukee

PhD in Evolutionary Biology and Animal Behavior, UW-Milwaukee


Mike is a native of the Milwaukee area, having grown up in Wauwatosa. A childhood fascination with fishes led to both professional and academic interests, culminating in research projects involving the behavior, morphology, ecology, color vision, and taxonomy of cichlid fishes from Lake Malawi, Africa.


Current research interests include descriptions of new species of cichlids from Lake Malawi, sexual selection in Lake Malawi cichlids, and the effects of hybridization on coloration and morphology in the cichlids of Lake Malawi.


Mike has over 20 peer-reviewed publications on the biology of fishes, with some additional papers in herpetology.