Information on the Closures of the Waukesha and Washington County Campuses
barry liss headshot

Barry Liss

  • Associate Professor, College of General Stds


Ph.D.  Department of Communication.  University of Colorado, 2000. 

M.S.  Department of Communication.  Illinois State University, 1993. 

B.A. San Diego State University, 1991. Major: Speech Communication. Minor: Economics. 

Recent Publications:

Liss, Barry. (2023). A Media Ecological Approach to the History of Music Notation: The Neume, Staff and Mensural Rhythm. Explorations in Media Ecology, 22(2), 189-203.

Liss, Barry. (2022). The Gods as Media Forms: Notes on the Media Ecological Implications of Greek Mythology. Alceu v. 22, Edição 46 Edition on Media Ecology, Edited and Translated into Portuguese by Adriana Braga. 

Liss, Barry. (2021). Book review of Corey Anton’s How Non-being Haunts Being: On Possibilities, Morality, and Death Acceptance, Fairleigh Dickinson Press. Explorations in Media Ecology, 20(3), 71-75.

Liss, Barry. (2021). The Zossima Principle as an Ideal for Media Ecology Praxis. Explorations in Media Ecology, 20(1), pp. 5-18. 

Liss, Barry. (2018). Hot Media, Technological Transformation and the Plague of the Dark Emotions: Erich Fromm, Viktor Frankl and the Recovery of Meaning. Explorations in Media Ecology, 17(4), pp. 379-392. 

Liss, Barry. (2018). Eight Poems. ETC: A Review of General Semantics, 75(3-4), pp. 465-468.

Liss Barry. (2016). In Defense of the Athenian Way: Neil Postman and Eric Hoffers’ Arguments Regarding Aesthetic Creativity. ETC: A Review of General Semantics, 73(3), pp. 244-252. (came out in 2019).