UWM Announces Plans to Close Washington County Campus
Following a directive from the Universities of Wisconsin, UWM will close the UWM at Washington County campus, with a goal of completing the process by June 30, 2024.
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Barry Liss

  • Associate Professor, College of General Stds


Ph.D.  Department of Communication.  University of Colorado, 2000. 

M.S.  Department of Communication.  Illinois State University, 1993. 

B.A. San Diego State University, 1991. Major: Speech Communication. Minor: Economics. 

Recent Publications:

Liss, Barry. (2023). A Media Ecological Approach to the History of Music Notation: The Neume, Staff and Mensural Rhythm. Explorations in Media Ecology, 22(2), 189-203.

Liss, Barry. (2022). The Gods as Media Forms: Notes on the Media Ecological Implications of Greek Mythology. Alceu v. 22, Edição 46http://revistaalceu.com.puc-rio.br/index.php/alceu/issue/view/15Special Edition on Media Ecology, Edited and Translated into Portuguese by Adriana Braga. 

Liss, Barry. (2021). Book review of Corey Anton’s How Non-being Haunts Being: On Possibilities, Morality, and Death Acceptance, Fairleigh Dickinson Press. Explorations in Media Ecology, 20(3), 71-75.

Liss, Barry. (2021). The Zossima Principle as an Ideal for Media Ecology Praxis. Explorations in Media Ecology, 20(1), pp. 5-18. 

Liss, Barry. (2018). Hot Media, Technological Transformation and the Plague of the Dark Emotions: Erich Fromm, Viktor Frankl and the Recovery of Meaning. Explorations in Media Ecology, 17(4), pp. 379-392. 

Liss, Barry. (2018). Eight Poems. ETC: A Review of General Semantics, 75(3-4), pp. 465-468.

Liss Barry. (2016). In Defense of the Athenian Way: Neil Postman and Eric Hoffers’ Arguments Regarding Aesthetic Creativity. ETC: A Review of General Semantics, 73(3), pp. 244-252. (came out in 2019).