UWM respects and supports each individual’s right to free speech and to engage in peaceful protests and demonstrations. At the same time, it’s expected that the behavior of all those who interact on campus will follow state laws as well as the policies and guidelines of Universities of Wisconsin and UWM, and respect the role and function of the university.

UWM wants to ensure the safety and security of events, while also supporting students’ rights to free expression. Here are the steps required to organize events at UWM, as well as the policies in place that address the right to assemble peaceful gatherings:

  • Student and community organizations work with venue staff to discuss logistics, time, place and manner restrictions, etc. 
  • During the event, organizers are expected to communicate behavioral expectations to audience members.
  • If the event, or protest, is led by students, the Dean of Students Office works with student organizers to address any concerns and review policies before and/or during the event.
  • Any disruptions are first addressed by student organizers. If the behavior continues, the Dean of Students Office and venue staff can assist. UWMPD is a last resort but can assist if the behavior continues.
  • If there are any complaints regarding student code of conduct violations or violations of law, those complaints are reviewed and assessed by the Dean of Students Office or UWMPD, respectively.

If you’d like to plan an event, contact Union Event Services.

Some key policies and procedures to know when organizing a protest or other event on UWM’s campus: