Sunwoong Kim

 Bolton Hall 866



PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MCRP, Harvard University
BS, MA, Seoul National University

Research Interests

Urban and Regional Economics, Economic Development

Selected Publications

Horowitz, S. A., & Kim, S. (2017, December). Hawk-Talk in Island Disputes: A Theoretical Analysis with an Application to Japan and South Korea. Chinese Journal of International Politics, 10(4), 403-28.
Kim, S., & Lee, J. (2010). Private Tutoring and Demand for Education in South Korea. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 58(2), 259-296.
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Ambrose, B. W. (2003). Modeling the Korean Chonsei Lease Contract. Kim, S. (Ed.). Real Estate Economics, 31(1), 53-74.
Squires, G. D., & Kim, S. (1995). Does Anybody Who Works Here Look Like Me?: Mortgage Lending, Race, and Lender Employment. Social Science Quarterly, 96(4), 821-838.
Mohtadi, H., & (1992). Labor Specialization and Endogenous Growth. Kim, S. (Ed.). American Economic Review, 82, 404-408.
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