The World After Us: Speculative Media Sculpture Project

Wed, Dec 6th | 2:00 p.m. Digital Humanities Lab 

Tentatively titled “The World After Us,” Physics Professor Carol J Hirschmugl  and Art and Design Professor Nathaniel Stern are working towards a multidiscplinary project that will hopefully have outcomes in the forms of new coursework, educational gallery installations, and more fine arts-oriented sculptures. Drs. Stern and Hirschmugl are together asking: What are aesthetic, conceptual, and pedagogical ways of re-presenting geological time and concerns, and their relation to our media devices? How might we artistically embody and point to real and cutting edge sustainability research? How can energy concerns be manifest, as digestiable information, affective installation, and understandable curricula? They are speaking and working with engineers, artists, physicists, and environmental scientists to learn about such things precisely so that they might embody them in a series of artworks, narrativize the process, and make this project pedagogical as much as it is aesthetic and conceptual.